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Hamro Bus Ko Kura: Making school buses safer

Many of us send our children to school on school buses. Won't it be nice if the children and the people involved in ferrying the children to school and back home were made aware about road safety and traffic rules? Won't you feel more secure with the knowledge that the people responsible for transporting your children have the requisite knowledge of traffic safety?

This was exactly the objective when Tata Motors along with its distributor in Nepal, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., embarked on a road safety campaign for school children and the people involved in transporting them.

The campaign was titled 'Hamro Bus Ko Kura' and was implemented in collaboration with the Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.

The aim of the campaign was to ensure a safe and comfortable travel for school children by making them and the bus operators aware of the road safety and traffic rules. The campaign focused on improving the knowledge of children, teachers, and bus operators by making them aware of best practices while travelling. The bus operators and teachers were particularly trained in understanding the psychology and behaviour of school children.

A total of 15,182 participants which included students, teachers, and bus staff were made aware about road safety and traffic rules.

The campaign was designed in an interactive and entertaining manner, using visual tools, quizzes, video presentations, live performances, and drawing competitions to impart knowledge to the participants.

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