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Why is now the Right Time to Buy

Why is now the Right Time to Buy a Car?

Customers who have inclination to buy a car in Nepal look for multiple parameters such as the car price in Nepal, features (including safety aspects), and after-sales services. Essentially, the vehicle selected by the customer should have the right combination of visual appeal and powerful features to be able to serve its purpose.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that shook the entire world is changing the way people commute, either to their workplace or for a family vacation. People will be ‘more comfortable’ commuting in their own vehicle, making it the ideal time to own a car! Personal vehicles are one of the most important assets, the benefits of which will last beyond the pandemic.

Before you check out the latest car price in Nepal, you should figure out your specific driving needs. For example, if your family comprises of elderly people or children, increased preference should be given to safety features and car interior to ensure that your car can accommodate your family. Roads in major parts of Nepal are not in great condition, with some roads even lacking the basic safety features. As per a report, close to 2,000 people in Nepal lose their lives annually due to road accidents.

Car with excellent safety features could add to the passenger comfort along with lowering the risk of road accidents. With your own vehicle, safety is in your own hands - one of the prime reasons to purchase a car.

Choose a car that suits your budget and requirements

Though the new car price in Nepal for entry-level cars is way lesser than the price of Sedans and SUVs; bigger families should opt for an SUV instead of an entry-level car.

Tata Nexon and Tata H5 are the best SUV cars that offer the best-in-class features and raised ground clearance that make riding on complex road conditions a breeze. Tata H5 is the latest SUV launched in Nepal giving the customers a wide range of choices as far as SUVs are concerned.

Keep Safety at the forefront in your buying decision

People associate ‘trust’ and ‘safety’ with the Tata brand and Tata Motors has a history of producing cars that are rich in features and safety. Tata Nexon is one of the few cars that has scored a 5-star at the Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme). NCAP is a crash testing and rating agency that performs a pre-defined set of tests on the cars to determine whether the car adheres to the safety standards.

Tata Motors is known for building robust cars and the prime example is the 2000 model Tata Safari that redefined robustness in the consumer car segment. Tata Nexon is available in Petrol & Diesel variants and numerous sub-variants. Tata Nexon price in Nepal is one of the few factors that might motivate you to own this amazing SUV.

Though a car is meant to be a style statement, the objective should not be achieved at the cost of scarifying safety or integral elements of aesthetics. Your car should have the perfect balance of looks, sturdiness, and mileage. You should feel the punch when driving the car. The H5 2020 has muscular looks, a super-sturdy body, and the right composition of style elements that enhances the car’s look and makes sure that the driver feels the power when driving the car!


For people in Nepal, it has become easier to own a car since cars from Tata Motors offer the advantages of top-notch performance, adequate safety, and super comfort at competitive pricing.

This makes it easy for price-conscious customers to own a car that also scores exceptionally well on the safety and styling aspects. A check on the latest car price in Nepal can help you in owning the best SUV cars available in the country. All cars from Tata Motors are packed with a good amount of features offered at a competitive price.

SUV or an Entry-level car: Which one should you choose?

Whether it is an SUV or an entry-level car, all the cars from Tata Motors are thoroughly tested in different road conditions in Nepal. Tata Tiago is one of the most popular entry-level hatchback from Tata Motors. Apart from the attractive Tata Tiago price in Nepal, the SUV has powerful features like airbags for the driver (and co-drivers), ABS (anti-lock braking system) with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), and tilt-adjustable steering.


Tata H5, the five-seater life-style SUV is perfectly suited for the new-age customers of Nepal. Existing customers that already own an SUV should upgrade to Tata H5 which allows a seamless switching between terrain response modes – Normal, Wet and Rough, to provide optimal driving experience in all the environments. Furthermore, it can be used in combination with H5 three drive modes – City, Sport and Eco, for achieving even better results.

Tata H5 price in Nepal is NPR 58.55 to 77.99 Lakhs. Combined with the enhanced ride comfort and stability along with the provision of different driving modes, people in Nepal have the choice to enjoy an awesome driving experience that is customizable to the terrain.

Time is ripe to own one of the best SUV cars in Nepal so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a joyride on the roads of Nepal…

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