Hero Stories

What defines a hero? It is the drive to bring about a positive change. It is the desire to improve one’s circumstances. It is the power to motivate others and connect aspirations. Get inspired by the real life stories of everyday heroes who have achieved extraordinary things.

Bharat Kumar Jain

Leader, Determined, Inspirational | Oorja Group

After a challenging life overseas, Bharat tried his luck at entrepreneurship again in a new country with new resilience, making him an achiever he is today.

Deknath Gautam

Founder, Adviser, Visionary | Nepal

40 Years Ago, Dekhnath Gautam Started A Small Transport Company. Today, He Is The President Of The Federation Of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs.

Thomas Murray

Founder, Achiever, Changemaker | Flash Freight Logistics, Nepal

Thomas Murray's Journey From Humble Beginnings To Founding Flash Freight Logistics, Amid Challenges As Formidable As Nepal's Terrain.

Mst. Badana Khatun

Winner, Pioneer, Innovator | Ma Janani Jihad Enterprises

Mst. Badana Khatun's Inspiring Journey Of Overcoming Challenges And Carving Out A Path To Success In A Male-Dominated Industry.

Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Determined, Resilient, Achiever | Rafique Enterprise

From An Aspiring Entrepreneur To An Inspiration To Many, Rafiqul Not Only Achieved His Dream, But Also Empowered Others To Dream Big.

Mohammad Rana

Dreamer, Achiever, Inspiration | Rana Enterprise

Rana's Journey To Forge His Own Path To Greatness Led Him Far Away From His Hometown. But His Years Of Struggle Paid Off, Eventually.


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